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David Schweikert Named November Member of the Month by FreedomWorks

FreedomWorks has named David Schweikert its member of the month for November.  In calling him “the gold standard when it comes to principled conservative leadership on Capitol Hill,” FreedomWorks called on other lawmakers to “follow Rep. Schweikert’s example and...

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David Schweikert Opposes Biden Vaccine Mandate

“Joe Biden’s presidency has been a disaster for America’s economy, and his latest scheme to force a vaccine mandate on America’s job creators and employees will only make things worse. Instead of forcing misguided mandates on America’s employers and...

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David Schweikert Named “Taxpayer Superhero”

Citizens Against Government Waste has named Congressman David Schweikert a “Taxpayer Superhero” for his commitment to standing up for taxpayers and opposing big government. Only 26 members of the U.S. House of Representatives received this award. “From my very...

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